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Frequently asked questions regarding electric bikes


How long does the bike assembly take?

Given that each bike is individually varnished and fitted with your preferred parts, assembly usually takes three weeks from order confirmation. If you require a different delivery time, please contact us. Depending on the current situation in the production hall, we may be able to agree shorter delivery terms.

​How will you deliver my bike and will it need to be assembled?

There are several options for bike delivery:​

  1. Personal collection from the Kolos dealer​
  2. Free of charge delivery in the Czech Republic: Bikes are dispatched in large 200x130x25cm boxes and delivered by Toptrans. Each bike is always completely assembled and adjusted. The only parts you need to fit yourself are the pedals and the front cargo rack (if ordered). You will need to release the handlebars and turn them in the direction of travel as well as adjust the seat height. Everything else is done.
  3. Delivery by our technician: Upon delivery by our technician, the bike is adjusted to the height of the rider and includes full instructions for use by the technician. The technician also carries a mobile payment terminal to enable direct card payment upon delivery. This service is charged according to the delivery distance. You can see how much you will pay by entering your postcode when placing an order at the end of the bike configuration section.

How far will the Kolos No.3 electric bike travel?

How far an electric bike will travel is primarily determined by the type of battery and motor. The weight of the cyclist has a significant effect as does the nature of the terrain and the temperature. We cannot, therefore, answer with a single figure. The following table provides a summary:

36V 10Ah battery 36V 15Ah battery
Front wheel motor 50 – 70 km 70 – 100 km
Central drive 65 – 90 km 90 – 120 km

Given that it is still a bicycle, it is possible to combine regimes (to “help” the motor when going uphill) in order to reach greater distances.

How long does it take to charge an electric bike?

The battery is fully charged in 4-5 hours using a 230V/42V/2A charger, which is supplied with the bike. In the case of a 15 Ah battery, the charging time is 6 – 8 hours.

What is the cost of running an electric bike?

The cost for 1 km is approximately 0.04 CZK (given the regular price of 4.90 CZK/kWH)

What is the battery lifespan?

The battery lifespan is measured in the number of working cycles, i.e. the number of discharges and charges while maintaining the same capacity. We use LiION cylindrical battery cells for which the reported number of cycles stands at 800 – 1000.

Does an electric bike have a regenerative brake?

The Kolos No.3 electric bike, whether with front or central motor does not include reverse charging i.e. a regenerative brake. Reverse charging is not effective due to the low weight of the bike and the rider (theoretical savings of a few percent). Neither motor puts up any resistance so therefore the electric bike can be used as a conventional bicycle.

How much does an electric bike weigh?

A 26" electric bike in the basic configuration weighs 22 kg. With a fully equipped electric bike, this weight is very advantageous. The normal weight for similar electric bikes is 25 kg or more.

I am worried that my electric bike will be stolen.

Kolos No. 3 electric bikes are unique, as they are always tailored to the customer requirements. Any unique product is difficult to steal because it can be easily traced. Each electric bike has its frame number and a certificate specifying the components and the colour.

Where are Kolos No.3 electric bikes made?

Electric bikes are delivered within three weeks from order confirmation. Going by this time scale, it is impossible to make them anywhere else than in our country. Kolos® bikes, including electric bikes, are purely Czech made.

How will you deliver my electric bikes and will it need to be assembled?

Each electric bike is always shipped completely assembled, adjusted and packed in a large 200 x 130 x 25 cm cardboard box. The only parts that need to be installed by yourself are the pedals. Also, in terms of accessories, it is up to you to attach the bag to the racks or to the adapter. You will also need to release the handlebars and turn them in the direction of travel as well as adjust the seat height. Everything else is done. An electric bike can be delivered anywhere. Delivery in the Czech Republic is free of charge, but we will be happy to send you the calculation of the cost should you require international shipping.

And what about service?

A bike service is available in the premises of Citybikes store, address: Nám. Svatopluka Čecha 1348/3, Prague 10. Given that we provide a paid service for personal delivery by our technician, you can order (by phone or email) your faulty bike to be collected then serviced in our store.

Kolos® bikes are made to last with maximum durability and maintenance-free operation. If needed, any bike service can handle the repairs. If necessary, you can consult the service with us, whether with the bike owner or with the technician, who can also order the original spare parts.