Cycling is different. It is a lifestyle choice that emphasizes freedom and individuality in the purest sense of the words. When on a bike, it is solely you who is in charge and only you who determines your own path. If our freedom begins where others ends, then cycling is the activity of free people who do not infringe (or only minimally) into the freedom of others.

And that’s what this is all about - cycling.

A bike does not occupy public space, it does not emit pollutants and it is not noisy. Bicycle riding is not associated with any or at the most, with minimum costs. Cycling is good for our health; it is a fast and elegant mode of transport.

Get out for a whole day, or even several days, on a bike and don’t look back. Engage all your senses in perceiving the place you are riding through. To travel by bicycle is to experience an intense feeling of freedom.

In city traffic, a bike — and even more so, an electric bike — is the fastest form of transport while posing a minimum risk to others.

We are not all the same and the same applies to Kolos bikes.

Kolos enables you to move in your own individual way and exactly the way you want it. Create your own Kolos bike according to your needs, taste and budget with the help of the configurator. Refuse the ready-made and have your Kolos bike tailored to your own specific needs.