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Frequently asked questions regarding touring bikes


How long does the bike assembly take?

Given that each bike is individually varnished and fitted with your preferred parts, assembly usually takes three weeks from order confirmation. If you require a different delivery time, please contact us. Depending on the current situation in the production hall, we may be able to agree shorter delivery terms.

​How will you deliver my bike and will it need to be assembled?

There are several options for bike delivery:​

  1. Personal collection from the Kolos dealer​
  2. Free of charge delivery in the Czech Republic: Bikes are dispatched in large 200x130x25cm boxes and delivered by Toptrans. Each bike is always completely assembled and adjusted. The only parts you need to fit yourself are the pedals and the front cargo rack (if ordered). You will need to release the handlebars and turn them in the direction of travel as well as adjust the seat height. Everything else is done.
  3. Delivery by our technician: Upon delivery by our technician, the bike is adjusted to the height of the rider and includes full instructions for use by the technician. The technician also carries a mobile payment terminal to enable direct card payment upon delivery. This service is charged according to the delivery distance. You can see how much you will pay by entering your postcode when placing an order at the end of the bike configuration section.

What is the frame made of and what is the lifespan?

The frame and fixed forks are made from chromium-molybdenum steel (CrMo) with a variable wall thickness of the tubes, which is welded using TIG technology. Such frames are the current standard for touring and expedition bikes, i.e. bikes that are also used for travelling with a "heavy" load on roads and poor terrains over extreme distances. Steel is strong and flexible, as it absorbs vibrations, is durable and in case of thin-walled tubing (tubes), also has a favourable weight. If corrosion is prevented and if the bike is well looked after, the lifespan of the CrMo frames is virtually unlimited.

What is the weight of the bike?

The weight of the bike in the basic configuration with a 58 cm frame size is 13.9 kg.

What is the maximum load capacity of the bike?

The maximum load capacity of the bike including cargo is 160 kg.

What is the maximum load capacity of the racks?

The rear rack has a load capacity of 25 kg, while the front rack can carry up to 5 kg on each side (total 10 kg).

What is the advantage of the gear hub?

The Shimano Alfine 8 gear hub is an eight-speed gear with 22,16,14,18,22,16,14 percentage intervals and an overall 307% gear range. The range is similar to the conventional 3x8 speed gears. However, the converter with the gear does not offer a front derailleur and so is operated with only one shift lever. The planetary gear principle is also completely different from the classic derailleur. The gears can be operated even if the bike is stationary, which is something to appreciate when accelerating up a hill or in city traffic.

Where is the bike made?

Production, including individual varnishing of the bikes, begins after receipt of the order confirmation. Production takes place in our workshop in Prague - Hostivař.

What is the delivery time?

The delivery time for the bikes is three weeks from receipt of order confirmation.

How do I pay?

We accept cash payments or credit card payments in our Citybikes store, address: Nám. Svatopluka Čecha 3, Prague 10 - Vršovice. We also accept payments via bank transfer. You can also pay the carrier upon "Cash on delivery". The bikes are delivered by Toptrans.

How do you deliver the bike and how much does it cost?

Delivery in the Czech Republic is free of charge; delivery to Slovakia is charged at 12.00 EUR and in the case of “Cash on delivery” to Slovakia, there is an additional surcharge of 22.00 EUR. If you wish to ship your bike to another destination, please contact us at

I am worried that my bike will be stolen.

Kolos No. 4 and No. 5 bikes are unique, as they are always tailored to the customer’s requirements. Any unique product is difficult to steal because it can be easily traced. Each Kolos bike has a frame number and a certificate specifying the components and the colour.

How do you deliver the bike, and will it need to be assembled?

Each Kolos bike is always shipped fully assembled, adjusted and packed in a large 200 x 130 x 25 cm cardboard box. The only parts that you need to fit yourself are the pedals and in terms of accessories, it is up to you to attach the bag to the racks or to the adapter. You will also need to release the handlebars and turn them in the direction of travel as well as adjust the seat height. Everything else is done for you.

And what about service?

A bike service is available in the premises of Citybikes store, address: Nám. Svatopluka Čecha 1348/3, Prague 10. Given that we provide a paid service for personal delivery by our technician, you can order (by phone or email) your faulty bike to be collected then serviced in our store.

Kolos® bikes are made to last with maximum durability and maintenance-free operation. If needed, any bike service can handle the repairs. If necessary, you can consult the service with us, whether with the bike owner or with the technician, who can also order the original spare parts.