Bike configurator

How to choose the right city bike


Everybody is different; we all have different tastes and different needs. This is why we offer our Kolos® bicycles with the option of individual configuration. Every customer can tailor their bicycle to their needs.

Bicycle size

It is always necessary to consider the rider’s height when choosing the right bicycle size. You will find the table of bicycle sizes recommended for various rider heights as the first choice to make when configuring all bicycle models.


The choice of colour, for example, of the frame, is entirely up to you. If you prefer to choose a colour that is not in the menu, you can select “other RAL” and specify your preference in the note section in the order. We can supply you with a bike of any colour according to the basic RAL colour chart. Note: Always choose the colour from a printed paint colour chart during daylight. PC monitors and artificial lighting often distort colours. The RAL colour chart is valuable on request in our store.


When using your bicycle you need to consider if you need a rack and if so, which one. If you use the bicycle for transport, you will certainly welcome the option of luggage transportation. If you are thinking about carrying larger loads, we recommend the front cargo rack, which enables you to carry baskets, boxes and large carrier boxes.


Please pay close attention when choosing brakes.
A special feature of our offer are back-pedal and roller brakes.

Back-pedal brakes allow you to brake only the rear wheel by back-pedalling (like with children’s bikes). Why is this good? Well, the brake is highly reliable, maintenance-free and effective. In addition, it enables to brake when entering a crossroads when giving hand signals when turning (you brake with your legs, so the arms are free). Some city bikers swear by it. Its disadvantage is that it is impossible to idle pedal. Therefore, the pedals cannot be set to the ideal position when moving off. In general, we can say it is good for more experienced cyclists. It can be combined with a front V brake or with front roller brake.

Roller brakes are special, maintenance-free brakes that are similar in principle to back-pedal brakes. However, they are controlled solely by the brake levers on the handlebars and they can brake both the front and rear wheels. Their advantage is the option to freewheel; i.e. the possibility to have the ideal pedal setting when moving off.

Number of gears

It is very important to select the number of gears. We offer a bike with a unique gear, with three or seven gears. What needs to be taken into account when selecting the number of gears? Physical fitness, how the bike will be used and the typical terrain where the bike will be used. In flat towns, where a bicycle is used for 5 km daily ride to work, a simple bicycle with one gear is sufficient. On the other hand, hilly cities, such as Prague, virtually always require at least three, or even better, seven gears.