Bike configurator

How to choose the right electric bike


What is the best electric bike for you? The one you will make for yourself, according to your imagination and budget. The Kolos No.3 will provide the answer to all inquisitive questions, non-standard requirements, budgetary restrictions and extravagance.

Bicycle size

The corresponding bicycle size is a basic requirement. An electric bike is still a bike and should be of the appropriate size to the cyclist’s height. We offer two bicycle sizes for heights from 150 to 170 cm and from 170 cm to 195 cm. You can choose the corresponding size in the configurator.


The choice of colour, for example, of the frame, is entirely up to you. If you prefer something other than our colour choices in the menu, you can select “other RAL” and specify your preference in the note section in the order. We can supply you with a bike of any colour according to the basic RAL colour chart. Note: Always choose the colour from a printed paint colour chart during daylight. PC monitors and artificial lighting often distort colours. A RAL colour chart is available from all paint stores.

Fittings and types of brakes

For the assembly of Kolos No.3 electric bikes, we exclusively use entire sets of Shimano components, which include hubs, brakes, gearshifts, the derailleur, the chain and the sprocket wheel. You can choose from the Shimano Alivio range (9 gears) or the Shimano Deore LX range (10 gears).

For normal use of an electric bike, the Alivio range with V brakes is sufficient. If you want to use your bike every day, you can choose the more advanced Shimano Deore LX range in combination with V brakes. In the case of Shimano Deore LX fittings, the highly effective hydraulic disc brakes can be selected where the function is not affected by the weather, and which also excel with very easy controllability.


For Kolos No.3 electric bikes, you can choose between a fixed or suspended front fork and a fixed or suspended seatpost. Although bike suspension certainly makes a ride more comfortable on uneven surfaces it also increases the bike’s weight. The Kolos No.3. is adapted for an upright ride. Therefore the suspension of the front wheel is not as important as with mountain bikes where the body weight rests largely on the hands. Also consider the typical surface you will be riding on. If it is asphalt, no suspension is necessary.

Type of motor

You can choose a motor in the front wheel or a central motor (in the centre of the handlebar). Both motors are produced by the same company 8 FUN and both have a power of 250W, yet there are big differences between them. The advantages and disadvantages are clearly explained in the following table:

Front wheel motor Central motor
Control analogue, battery level, 3 power levels digital, start button to 5 km/h, speedometer, up to 8 levels power levels, setting the maximum speed of up to 40 km/h
Power 250W without the option to change the torque 250W with the option to change the torque. The motor drives the chain and uses a derailleur for the gear shifting of the bike
Energy saving Permanent drive, less economical, with 36V 10Ah battery, range 50 – 70 km Due to the choice of optimal speed, the central drive is more economical, with a 36V 10Ah battery range 65 – 90 km
Bike controllability The motor weight is higher and in the front fork, slightly less control of the bike The motor weight is lower, easier to control the bike, but gear shifting is a bit more difficult
Price Low price Higher price

Battery capacity

Without any visual change to the wheel, then it is a straightforward choice between a battery with a standard capacity of 36V 10Ah or an above-standard capacity of 36V 15Ah. The battery with the above-standard capacity extends the bike range by half and weighs 1,5 kg more than a standard battery.

Before choosing the battery capacity, consider the length of the typical distances you plan to ride, if the typical terrain is hilly or flat and consider your body weight.

Long journeys, steep hills and a higher body weight indicate a larger capacity battery is more suitable.