Bike configurator

How to choose the right folding bike


The Kolos No. 6 folding bike has a multipurpose aluminium frame suitable for both men and women with height ranging from 150 to 190 cm and weighing up to 120 kg. Clincher wheels have standard hubs and double rims with 36 holes. This makes them solid and easily repairable in the event of a defect. The seat tube on the frame is fitted with a machined nylon sleeve that prevents scratching of the seatpost from frequent folding of the bike. The frame is secured by a magnetic holder when folded.

The tilting stem is adjustable in height. We have selected all the fittings with maximum care. You will find Shimano parts (always the complete line), as well as parts from Humpert (Germany), Herrmans (Finland), and Spanninga (Netherlands).


The colour of the frame or the forks is simply a matter of your choice. If you prefer to choose a colour that is not in the configurator, you can select “other RAL” and specify your preference in the note section in the order. We can supply you with a bike of any colour according to the basic RAL colour chart. Note: Always choose the colour from a printed paint colour chart during daylight. PC monitors and artificial lighting often distort colours. A RAL colour chart is available from all paint stores and of course from our store.

Fitting and type of brakes

The Kolos No.6 folding bike is fitted out using the following set of parts.

Shimano LineWhat is this comprised of?
Tourney, Force + V brakesFront hub Force - Alu, turnbuckle
Rear hub Force - Alu, turnbuckle
Freewheel screw 7 speeds
Crank set Alu 52 teeth
Derailleur Shimano Tourney 7 speeds, pivoting grip
V brakes - Force
Break levers Alu/plastic- Force
Chain Force 7g
Alivio + V brakesFront hub HB-T4000
Rear hub FH-T4000
Cassette CS-HG400-9, 9-SPEED, 11-12-13-14-16-18-21-24-28
Crank set Alu 52 teeth
Chain CN-HG53
Derailleur RD-T4000
Brake levers BL-T4000
Brakes BR-T4000
Gear lever SL-M4000
Deore LX + V brakesFront hub HB-T670
Rear hub FH-T670
Cassette CS-HG62-10, 10-SPEED 11-12-14-16-18-20-22-25-28-32T
Crank set Alu 52 zubů
Chain CN-HG95
Derailleur RD-T671
Front derailleur FD-T671
Brake levers BL-T670
Brakes BR-T670
Gear lever SL-T670
Deore LX + hydraulic disc brakesFront hub HB-T675
Rear hub FH-T675
Cassette CS-HG62-10, 10-SPEED 11-12-14-16-18-20-22-25-28-32T
Crank set Alu 52 zubů
Chain CN-HG95
Derailleur RD-T671
Front derailleur FD-T671
Disc brake sets BL-T675B
Brake discs SM-RT54 S 160MM, CENTER LOCK
Gear lever SL-T670

For occasional bike use, the basic Shimano Tourney with Force components should be sufficient. If you intend to use your bike daily, we recommend the Alivio Line or the higher range Deore LX. The Deore LX option with hydraulic brakes is not compatible with the rear carrier and dynamo hub so is therefore primarily intended for dynamic sport cycling.
A bike fitted with the Deore LX line and with V brakes has the lowest weight of 12 kg, minus accessories.


We offer a choice of two types - AAA battery powered lights and dynamo hub powered lights.

Type of lightsWhat is this comprised of?
Battery powered lightsBattery powered front light H-IKE 15 LUX diode
Battery powered rear light HGOGGLE XI diode
Dynamo hub powered lightFront dynamo hub powered light H-ONE S 75 LUX, micro diode, optics, standlight
Rear light HGOGGLE DYNAMO, diode, standlight
For Alivio parts, dynamo hub DH-T4000 6V - 1.5W
For Deore LX parts, dynamo hub DH-T675 6V – 3W

Battery powered lighting weighs less, but is less powerful. The dynamo hub light is slightly heavier but delivers top performance with no need for battery replacement. Additionally, you can use a dynamo hub (with Deore LX parts) when connected to a suitable battery charger, as a power source for recharging your phone or navigation device. The lights are fitted with a Standlight system (the lights remain on for several minutes after stopping).


Depending on your requirements, you can have your bike fitted with mudguards (sandwich – plastic + aluminium, long) with rear rack, stand or transport pack. You can choose depending on whatever you intend to do with your bike.