Bike configurator

How to choose the right gravel bike

The frame is essential. We've deliberately chosen the steel frame (CrMo) which is lightweight thanks to the various thickness of tubes but still retains its perfect features for everyday use, trips and challenging expeditions. Steel is real... it absorbs vibrations, is strong and durable. We've chosen all the fittings with maximum care. You'll find the full line of Shimano components, Avid, Humpert, Schwalbe (Germany), Herrmans (Finland), Spanninga (the Netherlands) and others.

Bike size

A bike frame that corresponds to the height of the cyclist is the primary and most important requirement. Kolos No.4 is made in three frame sizes that are suitable for the following body heights:

Frame height in cmBody height in cm
54170 - 180
58180 - 190
62190 - 205

The rule of thumb is that it’s always better to have a slightly larger frame than a smaller one. Likewise, the cyclists who have long legs should choose a taller frame if their body height is on the borderline shown in the table.


The choice of the frame colour is entirely up to you. If you prefer something other than our colour choices in the configurator, you can select “other RAL” and specify your preference in the note section in the order. We can supply you with a bike of any colour according to the basic RAL colour chart for a surcharge. Note: Always choose the colour from a printed paint colour chart during daylight. PC monitors and artificial lighting often distort colours. A RAL colour chart is available from all paint stores.

Brakes and gear set

We exclusively use Shimano and Avid shifter sets for Kolos No4 Gravel Bike. The recommended configuration is marked by a star*

Shifter and brakes setsWhat is this comprised of?
Shimano Altus FORCE 36 holes front hub
FORCE 36 holes rear hub
Profil Disc front hub (for mechanical disc brakes)
Profil Disc rear hub (for mechanical disc brakes)
Shimano FCM371 44/32/22, 175 front crank set
Shimano CNHG53 chain
Force 9 speed 11 – 32, chrome cassette
Shimano Altus RDM370SGSL derailleur
Shimano Altus FDM371MG front derailleur
Shimano ALTUS SLM370 3x9k gear levers
Shimano Alivio HB-T4000 front hub
FH-T4000 rear hub
Profil Disc front hub (for mechanical disc brakes)
Profil Disc rear hub (for mechanical disc brakes)
CS-HG400-9, 9-SPEED cassette, 11-12-13-14-16-18-21-24-28T
FC-T4010, 165MM OCTALINK, 44X32X22T front crank sets
CN-HG53 chain
BB-ES25 central axis
RD-T4000 derailleur
FD-T4000 front derailleur
SL-M4000 gear levers
Deore LX HB-T670 front hub
FH-T670 rear hub
Profil Disc front hub (for mechanical disc brakes)*
Profil Disc rear hub (for mechanical disc brakes)*
CS-HG62-10, 10-SPEED 11-12-14-16-18-20-22-25-28-32T cassette*
FC-T671, DEORE LX, 170MM HOLLOWTECH 2, 44X32X24T front crank set*
CN-HG95 chain*
RD-T671 derailleur*
FD-T671 front derailleur*
SL-T670 gear levers
Shimano Dura Ace 7900, 3x10 speed gear levers (for road bars)*
Alfine 8 HB-T670 front hub
SL-S7000-8 gear lever
CS-S500 freewheel
CT-S500 vertical drop out chain tensioner
Alfine 11 Front hub HB-T675
Gear lever SLS700210LS
Freewheel CS-S500
Vertical drop out chain tensioner CT-S500
V brakes Force brake levers for Shimano Altus
Shimano BRT400 brakes for Shimano Altus
BL-T4000 brake levers for Shimano Alivio
BR-T4000 brakes for Shimano Alivio
BL-T670 brake levers for Shimano Deore a Alfine
BR-T670 brakes for Shimano Deore a Alfine
Break lever specification incompatible with road bars.
Mechanic disc brakes Avid BB7 Road, rotors Avid 160 mm*
Incompatible with Alfine shifter sets
Hydraulic disc brakes BL-T675B disc brake sets
SM-RT54 S 160MM, break discs, center lock
Compatible with Deore LX and Alfine lines
Incompatible with road bars

We recommend the speed shifter sets Altus or Alivio + V brakes for leisure cyclists. The Deore LX speed shifter set + hydraulic disc brakes are suitable for challenging cycling tours. And the Alivio or Deore LX speed shifter sets + V brakes or mechanic disc brakes Avid BB7 for long distance tours and expedition touring. If you appreciate easy handling, the option to change gear even when the bike is stationary, and the absence of a front derailleur, then we highly recommend the Shimano Alfine hub gear in 8 or 11 speed model.


With Kolos No.4 bikes you can choose between a fixed or suspended front fork and a suspended or rigid seatpost. Suspension certainly enhances the cyclist's comfort on uneven terrain, however, it also increases the weight of the bike and therefore lessens the efficiency of power transmission. We offer the Spinner Odesa 28 suspension fork and the Humper Ergotech SP 5.0 seatpost.


We offer two types of lights - AAA battery powered lights and dynamo hub powered lights.

LightsWhat is this comprised of?
Battery powered lightH-IKE 15 LUX diode, battery powered front light
HGOGGLE XI diode, battery powered rear light
Dynamo hub powered lightH-ONE S 75 LUX front dynamo hub powered light, micro diode, optics, standlight
HGOGGLE DYNAMO rear light, diode, standlight
DH-T4000 6V - 1.5W dynamo hub for Altus and Alivio
DH-T675 6V – 3W dynamo hub for Deore LX and Alfine

Battery powered lights weigh less, but are less efficient. The dynamo hub light is slightly heavier but delivers top performance with no need for battery replacement. The lights are fitted with a Standlight System (the lights remain on for several minutes after stopping).


You can have your bike fitted with mudguards (quality SKS sandwich – plastic + aluminium, long), front and rear TUBUS racks, bottle baskets, ORTLIEB bags, Brooks saddles and other accessories. It's only up to you and your intensions with the bike.

Auxiliary electric drive – electric bike

Kolos No.4 can be fitted with top-class central motors Pendix

The motor has a nominal output 250 W at a battery voltage 48 V. The maximum torque is 50 Nm. Pendix drive has 3 settings - ECO, SMART and SPORT. The high-quality Li-ION battery is available in two capacities (500Wh or 300Wh). It's the type of Li-Ion (lithium-ion) which is very little prone to undercharging and cells unbalance with respect to use and it's a time-proven battery concept. The battery is placed on the frame.

The total weight of the Pendix eDrive300 is approx. 6.5 kg. A 230V/42V/2A charger with 3-3.5 hours of charging time is included in the scope of supply.

The Pendix drive is characterized especially by it that the complete chain ring 3x9 or 3x10 is maintained during its installation. It is also compatible with the transmissions Alfine.