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Kolos No.2

Gentlemen city bike in retro style

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Gentlemen city bike in retro style KOLOS No.2

In your hands

Riding a bicycle is just the matter of your decision to have freedom of movement, not to be an obsticle for others and to stay fit. Kolos isn't just a mode of transport but an expression of an individual style.

Create your own bicycle upon your ideas in an on-line configurator

Choose the right size of the bicycle to your stature. Choose your favourite colour and smart accessories. Choose the type of a gear hub corresponding your physical condition and nature of routes which you will most frequently take.

Minimum maintenance. Free professional guarantee service. 2-year guarantee

Kolos is custom made upon your specification and equipped with carefully selected parts from prestigious manufacturers. It has a long service life and requires minimum maintenance. Free guarantee service is provided. We care, you ride!

Basic configuration:
from € 556 VAT included


Frame & fork

Steel retro frame soldered "into muffs" either with 53 cm and 56 cm heights with 28“ wheels. Steel fork with the diameter of the steer tube 1“.

Wheel hubs, spokes, rims

Velosteel rear hub, single-speed, aluminium front hub with encapsulated bearings. Stainless steel spokes 2,1 mm, Remerx City rims – aluminium, double-sided


Front V brake, rear coaster brake.

Other components

Crankset - Mighty, aluminium
Pedals – Exustar, aluminium Anti-Rut
Tires – Schwalbe Road Cruiser, 42-622, reflex strip, Puncture Protection
Seatpost – Humpert Ergotech, aluminium
Stem – Humpert Ergotech, aluminium, stainless steel
Handlebars – Humpert Ergotech, aluminium
Saddle - SNP Selle, elastomer, black
Grips - VELO, leather, black
Headset - TANGE, 1“ aluminium

Further accessories

Spaninga Kickstand, Velobel Praded bell.

The matter of choice!

A bicycle is simply a good thing from any point of view.

It will take you anywhere you need without any extra costs, it will help you reduce excess weight, it doesn't pollute the air with exhaust fumes and it makes you feel good! Actually, if it's the right bicycle – Kolos!

You can choose the most simple lightweight bicycle without gears or create from the same frame a comfortably equipped citybike with 7-speed gear hub and a proper front rack.

Design the bicycle so that it has the right height, the best matching colour and so that it's most useful for your everyday life. Your Kolos No.2 will reward you not only by serving you well but also by giving you the top look! Kolos No.2 is only the matter of your choice.